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March 18, 2007

i have popular links on my blog !

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word press links


Tessa had a house

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TessaWell, people will wonder (I’m just assuming that some people are actually visiting this crap and please don’t burst my bubble ;) ) who Tessa is.Tessa is a girl (woman actually) who’s responsible for feeding the staff of Tefaf. She makes coffee, cleans up our mess, makes rides to shops,you name it.Some time before Tefaf, she was in Kenya, where she started a centre for orphanages.

Just to promote it a bit, here’s a link to it. Click here, or here or there –> or –> here

Give it a visit and just donate some money while you’re at it.

(I think she is also hoping to find some volunteers, so while you’re sending your money, maybe also donate yourself. Think they can use the extra help).

March 17, 2007

tefaf 2007

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Well, let’s make a real post now.

School sended me, along with 3 fellow students (the fellowship of the helpdesk if I may call it that way) to the Tefaf.

We had to deploy and manage the network there and give some it support to the users on the fair.

So far (the tefaf is almost finished) it worked out above expetations, since the guy who had to arrange everything for us doesn’t have a single clue about networks and how to manage them. The result is that we have crappy equipment, no plan whatsoever and sometimes pissed of users, but someone it all manages to keep working (only had 2 crashes).

The fun part is that without us the guy who had to lead us (the dude is actually a pc farmer (crappy english translation for the dutch “pcboer”) would have failed. The networkadressing was crappy (not enough adresses), the new equipment wasn’t tested at all, no knowledge about troubleshooting.

But back to our real work here: we had a few days with tons of things to do (second and third day 13 hours of work, fourth day 12,5 hours), but managed to pull it off anyway. After the installation of the network, we had to get all users hooked up with their account. This part was sucky to do, since most of the users were rather pissed at us (2 days behind schedule to give them a connection).

We’ve even managed to finish our hitlist (laptop that totaly refused to display a website, a crappy mac with some weird airportcardthingie, slow network connections). Now we are just sitting back, waiting for some user to come with some weird problem to solve and trying to make the perfect paper airplane !

2007 fipo !

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yeah the first post in the new year ! How cool is that :P

October 19, 2006

covering up some lost time

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Well, lots of changes went on in my life for the few months that past since my last post here.

Lets make a little list of what you people all missed from my life ;)

– quit my job and did some small jobs
– relationship with my gf is over after almost a year (but still are friends, which is good)
– had a bloody fine youthcamp
– went back to school (again)

So I’m starting back with an education. Network Infrastructure Design if you want to name it ;)

Also with some luck I’ll have my own appartment there in a few weeks, so prepare for some pictures.


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